How to Start a Quick and Easy Garden

Having a beautiful garden does not need to take a lot of time. There are plenty of great options for fast, easy gardens, that will still provide you with a sense of satisfaction, and even some useful herbs or vegetables. If you have your heart set on something that needs a lot of time, such as perennials and annuals flowers, you could always buy plants that are already grown.

Check Your Soil

Even if you are in a rush to put your garden together, whether you want annuals flowers, perennials, or vegetables – it pays to perform a proper soil test. You are going to need a few essential things before your garden will grow properly, such as fertilizer. The only way to know what you need, and what you should plant, is to test your soil. This will tell you what your might need to add to your soil, in order to make it well-balanced for your new plants.

Use Garden Beds

A great way to create patches of self-contained, easily managed gardening goodness is to use garden beds. At a minimum, all you need is the right materials, and you can create beds for your plants and soil.

Plan Your Garden

You might not have much time, or you just want to put a garden in quickly, so that you can start to enjoy it. Some plants, such as annuals flowers, take a long time to grow. Some people are in such a rush to get their gardens growing, that they don’t even bother to properly plan. Decide on at least a few key things, such as where you are going to place your plants, garden beds, and any other items that you might want; next you should choose the types of plants that you are going to have in your garden.

Annual flowers are a great choice for people who tend to change their minds often. What exactly are annuals flowers? They complete their entire growth cycle with a year (annually). This means that you have the easy option of choosing new garden plants every year, because you will not have any other choice.

Annual flowers are incredibly popular, any many people choose to plant them. Of course, choosing plants that will keep blooming again, year after year, might be the best option for those looking to put together an easy garden.

Greens Grow, Grow, Grow

Instead of annual flowers, think about planting greens in your garden. Some varieties of microgreens can grow within just 14 days. That certainly seems like the best way to have a fast garden. You don’t have to settle for longer-term plants, such as the perennials and annual flowers that were mentioned earlier.

Mulch and Re-mulch to Save Work

Using a dense bed of mulch around your garden, and basically covering your plants, will create a wonderful growing environment. It will also reduce the amount of time that you have to spent watering and weeding. Mulch can do this by keeping moisture in, and also deterring weeds from actually sprouting. You don’t want to spent all your free time out in the garden, tending those beautiful annuals flowers.

What Are the Best Plants to Plant?

There are so many choices that it can easily make the mind boggle. You should find out what types of plants will grow most easily in your specific region. It can help to ask your neighbors if they have had any great luck with certain plants. They can also let you know if there are any plants that simply will not grow in your area. Whether you want annuals flowers, herbs, or just some lovely lawn, there are plenty of options.

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