How to Grow Rose Trees

If you’ve never taken care of rose trees before in your life, you have a good bit of learning to do before you can really get it down! This beautiful plant requires some regular maintenance as well as a few tricks that you might need in order to keep it healthy.

Things like pruning are a lot more important on a rose tree than a typical tree, although quite a bit is similar as well.

Rose tree

What Are Rose Trees?

These are roses that are so tall we decided to call them trees. While a typical rose might be only one to two feet in length at full growth, rose trees are often times 3 feet or taller. They will tower over typical flowers while adding some beautiful color and variety to your garden.

Why Get One?

Well, for starters, they’re gorgeous!

The more profound reason is that they are a good mid level decoration in a garden. They add color at just the right elevation for many spaces in a typical design. While not as tall as a normal tree, they stand from about waist to shoulder level on most people. This makes it a great fit for a centerpiece in a variety of flowers.

Getting Started – What Rose Tree Should I Buy?

Rose trees are known for various colors, heights and qualities. Some of the most common varieties you’ll have to choose from when purchasing include:

Chrysler Imperial

A beautiful rich red variety that has a classic, regal look


A beautiful pink variety similar to the Chrysler Imperial, but much brighter!

Burgundy Iceberg

A deep, enchanting purple variety with an intricate texture

The above varieties all come in 36” rose trees that make a great compliment to smaller flowers i your garden or as an add-on decoration to a statue, fountain or porch.

Where Should it Go?

Good question! Here are some great ideas of places to put a rose tree in your garden.

Next to a statue. Statues make a great centerpiece for a large variety of rose trees. The height of the rose tree is a great compliment to large decorations you might have in your garden.

The front door is a great place for a small variety of rose tree, between 24 and 36 inches. Too tall and it might be block the door. Just the right height and it’s a fantastic way of saying hello to guests as they walk up!

Next the the house behind other, shorter flowers. The height of the rose tree makes it ideal for a center of a display. Don’t put it in front as it might block some of the other flowers from getting sunlight or a good view from a guest. Instead, keep it in back or in the center.

If you have a path in your garden, setting two tree roses on the opposite side of the path looks amazing. They should be a matching variety to maintain a choreographed look.

Planting Your Rose Tree

To plant, dig a hole that buries the roots underground by about 2-4 inches of space. Cover the base of the rose tree in a small bit of mulch or fertilizer to keep the soil fresh and stake the rose tree so it stays up.

A young plant is most vulnerable when it has just been planted. Don’t leave the plant outside without a stake to support it.


Maintenance of a rose tree is about the same as maintenance of any other variety of rose. Regular pruning is necessary to keep the petals from becoming unruly or getting diseased. You don’t want bad buds to ruin the plant!

Watering and fertilizing are highly recommended. Water 2 to 3 times per week and fertilize a few times yearly to keep the soil fresh and maintain a healthy tree all throughout the year.

Insects might also take the rose tree over. If you’re not careful, a few maggots can quickly turn into an entire army of the dang things.

Keep a fly lure and if nothing else seems to work, try spraying with some organic pesticide to reduce the number of these things.

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