8 Lawn Edging Ideas for Your Yard

The humble lawn is an integral part of many gardens, but that doesn’t stop it from becoming a real pain to maintain. You planted grass so that you could enjoy it, not worry about it ruining your planting beds, right? If you would like some tasteful, simple ways to keep your hard-grown grass from invading the edges of your beautiful garden – take a look at these top lawn edging ideas.

1. A Trench

No, you’re not going to create a moat around your home. What you are going to do, however, is dig a 6 inch deep trench, and make it about 4 inches in width. Your little trench should be positioned around the edges of your lawn, between your garden beds and the grass. This is obviously the cheapest of these lawn edging ideas, but it also requires the most maintenance. If you’re not shy of a little regular work, this just might be the best choice for you.

2. Plastic Edging

Ah, plastic; where would people be without it? Well, we’d probably have a lot more stuff lying around, but this particular plastic item is going to help you to create a lawn border for your yard. It is easy to get, and shouldn’t cost you very much, but improper installation can lead to an ugly edge. Of all of the lawn edging ideas, this is probably the one that requires the most precision. If you don’t get it just right, you might end up wanting to throw the whole lot of edging away, and start again with a different material. However, you shouldn’t let that deter you from trying plastic lawn edging, because it can actually look fantastic.

3. Metal Strip Borders

These are one of the most simple, elegant, and seemless ways that you could integrate an edge into your lawns, well, edge. By using a strip of aluminum or steel (a cheap alternative for many), you can stop grass roots from spreading into your garden beds, without creating an unattractive eyesore to ruin your garden. If you wish to go another step further, paint your strip in a color of your choosing. If you want to make your lawn edging just about invisible, green is the clear way to go.

4. Paver Borders

There are a variety of brick pavers, made from materials like brick and concrete. You have probably seen plenty of paver borders around your neighbourhood, so it should give you some great paver lawn edging ideas. If you are worried about using unsealed brick in an area that will see plenty of water (your lawn’s edge), you shouldn’t; brick pavers are made to withstand this, so they won’t break down as easily.

If you do want to get a little bit creative, you can put your brick pavers in the ground at unusual angles. If you want to put them slightly askew, as they they were a row of dominos that seem to be falling, you can end up with a very nice garden border. That’s a great things about choosing bricks or pavers, as opposed to other lawn edging ideas, you have a little bit more freedom in how you install them.

5. Raised Garden-Bed Borders

If you’d like to put in a little more effort to make your lawn really stand out, one of the best lawn edging ideas is to use a raised border. This can create a wonderful sense of depth, and give some added texture to your garden. You can create a tiny stone wall to surround your garden, creating a bold visual look, while making something extremely practical. If you are going to choose this lawn border idea, make sure that you include a small trench, and think about filling it will plastic lining and mulch. It is one of the lawn edging ideas that takes plenty of effort, but that extra work will stop your grass’ roots from creeping into your stone lawn edging.

While you will need to put in a fair amount of time and effort to get this right, it does not require any special skill. That means that just about anyone can manage to create a beautiful, rustic, stylish looking mini-wall, instead of settling for the more basic lawn edging ideas.

6. Upside-Down Bottles

You might have come up with all of the lawn edging ideas that you thought possible, but you probably didn’t consider using bottles. Upside-down wine bottles can make a lovely lawn edging, and you will be recycling (or rather, “upcycling”) those bottles. This is a brilliant idea for anyone who wants something unique, or just doesn’t like the thought of creating more waste, as with other lawn edging ideas.

7. Tree Branches

This is an earthly and organic approach to creating a border for your lawn. It might not actually be as effective as some of the other methods, but using already fallen tree branches can make your lawn look natural and warm. You are going to need to do a little more maintenance, but it is a great alternative to throwing those branches away, or burning them.

8. Sea Shells and Stones

Now that you’re starting to think outside of the box, you are probably wondering what other resources you have that could be used as wonderful lawn edging ideas. How about large seashells, which you can buy from some stores (don’t steal them from the beach, please), or even stones. If you want to make something more permanent, you can use cement to fix them into place, creating a natural looking lawn edge that isn’t going to budge in the tough weather.

Trimming Your Garden Edges

Whatever you decide to use as your lawn border, remember that you need to be able to get in there to actually cut your grass. Some people purchase special gardening machines for this purpose, and they sure take the effort out of the job. Whatever you decide, make sure that you are willing, and able, to trim your grass on a regular basis.

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