5 Ways to Keep Cats Away From Your Plants

Cats obviously make for fun, engaging, and wholly unique companions. However, that doesn’t mean they are welcome everywhere on your property. That fact in of itself also doesn’t mean much to felines, who like to explore and go where they please. If you have a garden, it seems likely that they’re going to be very interested. This can create a plethora of problems. Cats are carnivores, which means their feces can be highly destructive to gardens. They also like to kill the birds and other pollinators who are invaluable to the health of your outdoor space.

Whether you need to keep your own cats out of the garden, or if you live in a neighborhood with one or more strays, there are thankfully several things you can try.

How to Keep Cats Away From Your Garden and Elsewhere

Keep in mind that our tips aren’t just for outdoor gardens. If you have any plant life in or outside your home, and you also have cats around, you want to do something to protect your plants. Here are 5 ways to keep cats away from plants that anyone can try:

  1. Add an offensive scent: There are certain odors which won’t be particularly annoying to you, but which will prove to be absolutely repugnant to any cat. Remember that cats have a very fine sensitivity to smells. Both citrus and cayenne peppers are two examples of things they absolutely cannot stand. A smattering of either on your plants is certain to keep them away. Neither of these options, or anything else along these lines, will offend your own nostrils, or cause any harm to your plants.

  1. Anti-cat plants: These plants are not literally anti-cat. They aren’t going to hurt any animals. They just aren’t the sorts of plants cats tend to be interested in. Rosemary, roses, and even cacti are all good examples of plants that most cats are going to avoid completely. In general, thorny plants are not going to be appealing to felines. Some even include such plants in their garden, which seems to keep them out altogether.

  1. Spray bottle: This one doesn’t really work if you can’t be around to consistently supervise your garden or plant setup. Nonetheless, and this particularly applies to indoor plants, we’re talking about a very simple, effective method for making sure cats don’t harm your plants. Simply put some water in a spray bottle, and give them a little spritz as needed. In many cases, the cat will develop an aversion to the plants that will carry over even when you aren’t home.

  1. Chicken wire/mulch: For outdoor gardens, the combined one-two punch of chicken wire and mulch can make for a powerful deterrent. Cats hate chicken wire for obvious reasons. In terms of mulch, we would suggest stuff like eggshells and cuttings of holly. Stone mulch can also prove to be extremely effective.

  1. Electronic devices: These days, you can find rather ingenious devices that work with high frequencies. While such frequencies are not audible to human beings, they can be extremely annoying to cats. These devices can be established in front of your garden, using a motion detector to determine the presence of an intruder. There are even devices which also give the cats a spray of a non-toxic deterrent. This is another safeguard method which works particularly well with outdoor garden areas.


As you can see, there are lots of easy ways to keep cats out of your garden. Even adding some coffee grounds or human hair to the space can be extremely useful at ensuring cats do not cause any problems.

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