4 Types of Plants to Plant in the Fall

While the time of spring might have an aura of majesty surrounding it, at least for most people, there are plenty of plants to plant in fall as well. Some of these things include vegetables for cooler seasons, trees, perennials, and shrubs. They can all be planted in fall.

Fall actually has some unique benefits for people looking to plant; because the air is not so warm, you will have an easier time working out in the garden. Say goodbye to sweating under a relentlessly hot sun, and get things done with the gently cool air on your face. This cooler weather is also not as harsh on your fall plants. Because the ground is still warm from the previous season, your roots can take hold. Deciding to choose plants to plant in fall means that your harvest can grow right up until the soil begins to freeze.

Relative to spring, there are more good planting days in fall, when there is more predictable weather. The spring time can often bring unpredictable weather, such as rain, and this makes successfully planning the best plants to grow difficult, as well as working your soil.

Plants to Plant in Fall

Hopefully you are now convinced that fall is a great time to plant your garden, but that still leaves the question about what plants to plant in fall.


These traditionally admired flowers are perfect for plants to plant in fall. In fact, the fall is the best time that you could choose to put some in your garden. They will give you two seasons of growth, provided that you mulch them after the soil seasons, allowing it to prepare for your next batch, after the soil warms.

Spring Bulbs

If you would like to enjoy bulbs that bloom in springtime, spring-bulbs are great plants to plant in fall. If your yard sometimes plays host to critters, such as deer and other animals, choose something that they will not find too tasty. This can include things like crown imperial, daffodil, grape hyacinth, allium, Siberian squill, English bluebell, and glory-of-the-snow.

Cool-weather Vegetables

There are plenty of different vegetables that do great during cool weather. Some edible plants to plant in fall include Brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, lettuce, kale, spinach, radishes, rutabaga, Swiss chard, and kohlrabi. Plants that require less time to reach maturity, such as spinach and lettuce, can be planted later during fall. If you want to be able to grow for longer into the cold weather, use rows of protective frames, to keep away some of the frost, but still let in the sun’s light.

Shrubs and Trees

Some of the best plants to plant in fall are also of the larger variety. The warm soil is perfect for allowing the roots of trees and shrubs to develop properly, but the cool weather will not ruin your big fall plants. Make sure to give them a big headstart before winter arrives, by taking care of them, and watering them adequately.

If you think that the oncoming cold season means the end to gardening, you have yet to discover the world of plants to plant in fall.

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